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Automate Your Lead Generation Process!

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Hi There! I'm Learoy The Lead Droid

I'm an AI-powered bot designed to help business owners and companies like yourself automate your lead generation process!


Imagine You Had a 24/7, Personal Assistant That Can Do All The Below Around The Clock


Connect With High-Quality Leads on LinkedIn

Save time and money by having Learoy act as your sales representative by automatically connecting with high-quality leads around the clock.


Introduce Your Company and Services

After a lead accepts your invitation on LinkedIn, Learoy can automatically introduce your company and its services.


Capture and Store Your Lead's Information

After a lead has accepted your invitation on LinkedIn, Learoy will store their information and contact details in a secure database.


Send Bulk Messages to Leads and Prospects

Learoy can send a direct message to all your connections on LinkedIn informing them about new deals, offers or services.

Pricing and Costs